Post Men


The epic ending has occurred.

The NameLess One (aka Toldoth)’s demigod essence has been destroy, right?

Narfillion has removed the Chaos Stone and battles in Pandemonium.

The Legend of the Albatross is born.

The Legacy of Fharlanghn strengthens.

The Dragon Archipelago have arisen.

4 Gnomish settlements have been discovered, but the Effigy gnomes have been destroyed.


l like aesthetics. I think they add something. So for the cameras and a gnomes vanity (which is quite a vanity) – here is what you see:
Magic missile; these vary from caster to caster I’m told. At any rate – Grimble’s are apple sized sparkling pink spheres which glitter as they fly.
Fireball; these are punctuated as much as anything by one-liners which are not quite as amusing as Grimble imagines “fireball in the hole!” is a standard. As Grimble mutters softly and traces his forefinger in a circular motion a bead of light grows in intensity. After about three seconds it is white hot and streaks suddenly to it’s target. Reaching critical mass and heat it sucks oxygen and quintessential energy into an eruption of flame fourty feet across with a dull Woof!
Fire orb; at this stage still the lesser version of the spell. Vastly useful due to it’s ability to penetrate some creatures’ natural magical resistance and also bypassing the ability some foes have of ducking out of the way of fireballs. Grimble has wondered on how this happens. The best he can explain it is that where his area spells tend to be magical fire – orb is using magic to conjur a very real object. A glowing orange globe appears hovering in front of the sorcerer. A final gesture sends it shooting at an opponent with great speed. Impact is not assured – and sometimes alas it dissipates harmlessly in the distance. But if it strikes – orb bursts in a shower of incandescent sparks eliciting a howl of shock from the hardiest of antagonists.

The nature of magik

i have used grimbles pyrambulation many times now. I like it a lot and think it fills a gap and is in sync with the character whilst not being overpowered. However as people may have noticed I have only used the swift action short range aspect. Whilst the channel for two rounds and then explode is a satisfying aesthetic James was right – it’s just never applicable. My feeling is that magik should be like a muscle inasmuch as it grows stronger when you use it and weaker when you don’t. Therefore, I am going to request a simplification. I suggest the move action, standard, full round, and two full round options be removed but the swift action distance of teleport in a puff of smoke be increased from 30ft to ‘short’. What do ppl think? Bear in mind that at the same level (4) dimensional jaunt is standard action but range long.


The docks at night are mostly quiet and abandoned. A few of the island’s boats tend to set out to try to fish by night, hoping to avoid the mists as they try to fill their nets for the morning markets, but they tend to be the exception.

Even then, once the faint glow of lamplight disappears over the water, the docks themselves are as quiet as the grave, making them a perfect place for certain kinds of meeting.

“I want you to steal a ship”, Ilius said as he arrived a little later than he’d said.

“I’m not sure I understand being rich,” I started to answer. It’s true enough – were I to start actually spending what I’ve got, it’d be awkward explaining where it came from if anyone took an interest; like, say, the Fists. “But isn’t it usually easier to buy one?”

“Not this one.”

“I’m sure that means exactly what I think it does.” This was going to be interesting; as far as most people knew, it was just a floating hulk with some sort of winglike apparatus on the sides. Unless they’d found a way to make it work? I wouldn’t put it past the Houses to keep that kind of news a secret.

“If you think it means I want you to steal a flying ship, then yes.”

“Wonderful.” And how does he propose to do that, I wondered.

“There’s going to be a lottery to choose a captain for it. See to it that you win.”


“But I can’t help but wonder: why like this?”

Surely he couldn’t have meant that question seriously.

“Why do I convince people that they want to give me stupidly large sums of money, rather than scaling walls, evading guards, and breaking into chests and vaults to steal it myself?” I let the words hang in the air briefly. “Let’s see if you can figure it out.”

Ilius nodded, once. “Point taken. Maybe I’m just overly used to dealing with… unsubtle individuals.”

“Aww. Poor you.” I doubt even I could’ve made that sound like it was actually sympathetic.

“Quite. Which is why it occurs to me that I might, on occasion, have need of someone with your particular talents.”

Ah. So that’s what this is about. “I take it you’re not here for Hamwere, then.”

He pushed the purse across the table toward me; the one I’d started leaving with when I came across Ilius. “Come back and clean the idiot out for all I care. No, he was just my best chance for catching up with a fabled thief.”

“And it’s been enlightening,” I said, standing up from the table. “But I’m really not looking for a patron.”

“Ah, but now I know who you actually are. You wouldn’t want some of my unsubtle associates paying your family an unsubtle visit, would you?”

I sank back into the chair. No, that wouldn’t do at all.

“Plus, it’d give me a reason to protect your secrets. You get to keep working on your little reputation, you get to keep your family, and I get a few trifling matters sorted out here and there.” He grinned smugly. “Everybody wins.”

No, Ilius Crowclaw wins, I thought. The best I can do is to not lose horribly.

“Everybody wins,” I answered.

Leatherbrand falls


So what happened? Well let me see. There was a blue sky and then a white flash and a ripping sound and a black hole opened up in the sky.The dimension door had seemed to work. I had jumped just over 15 feet directly upwards, escaping the clash of metal on metal, I intended to contribute in a more sensible fashion from a safe distance. I uttered a quick incantation and teleported out of danger.

I had a moment to catch my bearings. Durgoth was roaring as usual and laying about himself with his greatsword. Mish’ra was dodging and ducking and weaving as only a Halfling can. Silveril was unhurriedly loosing arrows into the crowd of soldiers. Hitting with each shot and dropping with each hit. Parasim and Darian I could not see, but I could clearly hear Parasim’s battlesong – high and trill and stirring.

Then the white light, the tearing sound and an immense rushing wind sucked me into the blackness. I held onto Tiddalik tightly, and the two of us fell spinning down a swirly black and blue thing. With a thump my toad and I found ourselves sitting on a carpeted floor in a firelit parlour.

“Good morning” said a gnome from an armchair near the fire, looking up from a book.

I and my familiar looked at one another somewhat bemusedly. Tiddalik shrugged.

“Um, good morning” I stammered, “Where?.. Who?.. Are we dead?.. How did?.”

The gnome closed his book and sighed. “Hurtling through the space in between two momentarily proximate material worlds (and narrowly missing a dirty big moon I might add); Garl; No but you are in a spot of bother; and well because you made a right mess of the dimension door spell” He said. “Anything else?”

Understanding dawned on my amphibian’s face and he raised a forefinger “Many thanks for bringing me back to life when those thugs smeared me across that wall” “You’re very welcome” said The Gnome.

“So we’re not really sitting in a parlour?” I asked

“Well you are, but it’s really more like a dream sequence” He answered.

His voice was rich and warm and his eyes kind. “I wanted to have a word and this seemed like as good a time as any” said The Gnome.

“And you’re God?” I asked incredulously.

“I’m one of them” said Garl.

Doubt left me. Knowledge, acceptance, and love filled my heart and I smiled.

“What would you like to talk about?” I asked.

“In a few moments” Garl replied “you are going to enter the atmosphere of a planet about 2 trillion miles from home, falling at a truly bone splintering pace. But that’s the least of your worries. The fact is Grimble – you’re in danger of becoming a bad gnome, and I do not mean for you to be.”

“This is about the kobold?” I asked.

“This is about the kobold.” He affirmed

“I shouldn’t have killed the kobold?” I asked with growing certainty.

“You shouldn’t have killed the kobold” He said.

“You most certainly shouldn’t have killed the kobold before he had a chance to prove himself” He added.

“And without any question at all, you shouldn’t have killed the kobold whilst he was asleep” said Garl.

A guilty tear sprang to my eye and I said “were my elders wrong then, when they taught me that kobolds are ever treacherous and the enemy of my people and that their clerics line their temples with gnomeskulls?”

“Alas” said Garl “your elders were entirely correct. But that’s not the point. That kobold never had a chance to prove treacherous did he? The question I’m interested in is not are kobolds treacherous but are gnomes merciful”.

My eyes downcast and I was ashamed.

“Do not be too disheartened dear Grimble” He said. “You have done much that is just, and courageous and much that has brought me joy to see. But when you go forth into this new world – try to prejudge people a little less” said The Priceless Gem. I nodded earnestly.

“And the kobold” I said, “can I be forgiven?”

Without speaking The Gnome spread the fingers of his left hand and six bolts of blinding light struck me in the chest, knocking me flat, and winding me.

I was dazed, drained, ennervated.

“One level, for each missile you struck him with” said Garl, when I had my breath back.

I nodded weakly.

The carpet beneath me began to change colour, and swirl,blue and black.

Garl spoke “you liked casting ‘fly’ didn’t you?”

“Loved it” I said in a gloomy voice.

The room began to spin.

“Cheer up little one” said Garl “you may yet cast it again. In the meantime, you may want to think about a career as a pilot. I think you may like it.”

“Whats a pi-lot?” I asked.

“I imagine you’ll find out” said Garl patiently.

The walls around us dissolved and I noticed stars rushing past.

The Glittergold began to fade in front of me and I felt a great sadness at His going. He reached into the pocket of his purple waistcoat and threw something small and shiny to me.

“Ring of featherfall” He said. “Caster level 2. One charge left. It might be a good idea to hold onto that for the next little while. Happy landings boys.”

And with that He was gone.

A shrieking wind smacked me in the face and Tiddalik and I began hurtling towards the Urth…

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