Post Men


The docks at night are mostly quiet and abandoned. A few of the island’s boats tend to set out to try to fish by night, hoping to avoid the mists as they try to fill their nets for the morning markets, but they tend to be the exception.

Even then, once the faint glow of lamplight disappears over the water, the docks themselves are as quiet as the grave, making them a perfect place for certain kinds of meeting.

“I want you to steal a ship”, Ilius said as he arrived a little later than he’d said.

“I’m not sure I understand being rich,” I started to answer. It’s true enough – were I to start actually spending what I’ve got, it’d be awkward explaining where it came from if anyone took an interest; like, say, the Fists. “But isn’t it usually easier to buy one?”

“Not this one.”

“I’m sure that means exactly what I think it does.” This was going to be interesting; as far as most people knew, it was just a floating hulk with some sort of winglike apparatus on the sides. Unless they’d found a way to make it work? I wouldn’t put it past the Houses to keep that kind of news a secret.

“If you think it means I want you to steal a flying ship, then yes.”

“Wonderful.” And how does he propose to do that, I wondered.

“There’s going to be a lottery to choose a captain for it. See to it that you win.”


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