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The nature of magik

i have used grimbles pyrambulation many times now. I like it a lot and think it fills a gap and is in sync with the character whilst not being overpowered. However as people may have noticed I have only used the swift action short range aspect. Whilst the channel for two rounds and then explode is a satisfying aesthetic James was right – it’s just never applicable. My feeling is that magik should be like a muscle inasmuch as it grows stronger when you use it and weaker when you don’t. Therefore, I am going to request a simplification. I suggest the move action, standard, full round, and two full round options be removed but the swift action distance of teleport in a puff of smoke be increased from 30ft to ‘short’. What do ppl think? Bear in mind that at the same level (4) dimensional jaunt is standard action but range long.


This is a post more for the RPGmeetup forum than the wiki.

The nature of magik
eolh andrewbeit

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