Tag: airship


  • Centennial Hawk

    h3. The Centennial Hawk [artifact named Olivius] Colossal vehicle *Skyworthiness:* +4 *Shiphandling*: +2 *Speed:* 60ft. (Good) *Overall AC:* -3 *Hull …

  • The Slippery Weasel

    ( The Slippery Weasel (terrible translation, *Vilya'rana*, or Air Wanderer) is a elven skyskimmer scout vessel for the [[High-elf royal fleet | High-elf royal fleet]] of [[Tir Tingire Ost | Tir Tingire Ost]]. Built for speed. Light armour. Single …

  • Dagramrod

    ( Somewhat similar design of the Hawk, but built with war in mind. Armour and weapons most prominent. Holds 40 troops. Requires 6 crew. 4 light ballistas and 2 heavy catapults. )

  • Quelwenost

    ( Pride of the High-elf Royal Fleet, the Quelwenost is [[Tir Tingire Ost | Tir Tingire Ost]]'s last line of defence and is rarely ventures far from it's home. Holds up to 10 light ships, such as scouts, in an armoured hanger. A rear dock for a …