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  • Alexander Chester

    Has a son [[:75843 | Joseph Chester]]. Wife seems to have passed on a while ago. Is good friends with [[:83053 | Phillip Greene]]. Seems to rule the island of Chesterfield as a semi-tyrant with Phillip and his [[Emerald Guard | Emerald Guards]] help as …

  • Joseph Chester

    [[:75842 | Alexander Chester]]'s son. Plotted against his father to take over control of [[Chesterfield | Chesterfield]]. Requested the crew of the [[Centennial Hawk | Centennial Hawk]] bring labour for the mining of emeralds. (some time passed) …

  • Phillip Greene

    Long time close friend of Mayor [[:75842 | Alexander]]. A hardened ranger with deadly mastery of his flaming bow. Is head of the [[Emerald Guard]] and is determined to keep outsiders off Chesterfield. Has a daughter [[:83055 | Agatha Greene]] who …

  • Agatha Greene

    Is the daughter of [[:83053 | Phillip Greene]]. Seems to be hitting it off with [[:grimble | Grimble Battersnap Leatherbrand XI]], but it might just be to anger her father.