Tag: city


  • Baronsfell

    *Population:* Around 12,000 (73% human, 8% hadozee, 12% halfling, 7% kobold) *Government:* Oligarchy; currently ruled by [[House Crowclaw]], [[House Wolfblass]] …

  • Chesterfield

    *Population:* Around 7,000 (99% human) *Government:* Autocratic; current mayor is [[:75842 | Alexander Chester]] *Religion:* Chiefly Pelor; island not overly …

  • Tir Tingire Ost

    Ancient elven city. Currently floating across the higher skies. Home of Captain [[:danni-du-guyye | Danni Du'Guyye]]. Base for the Royal Air Fleet.

  • Galoraan

    The duergar fortress city. Mostly abandoned due a magical plague that reduced their population dramatically. Ruled by an arch-priest of "Laduguer":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Laduguer. Has some mines of stuff? Protected by spheres of …