Tag: dead


  • Ilius Crowclaw

    Cousin of Lord Hamwere Crowclaw. Discovered the grifter aasimar (the captain) had swindled his cousin and has now blackmailed her into being an servant for House Crowclaw by threatening to kill her parents.

  • Randelenben "Ran"

    * Found in Forest by Gladewild Family around aged 2-3. * Parentage unknown, virtually no memory of family. * Treated well by, and fiercely loyal to, Gladewild's, but can never be formally part of Family. He is now a valued retainer/henchman. * Mocked …

  • Joseph Chester

    [[:75842 | Alexander Chester]]'s son. Plotted against his father to take over control of [[Chesterfield | Chesterfield]]. Requested the crew of the [[Centennial Hawk | Centennial Hawk]] bring labour for the mining of emeralds. (some time passed) …