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  • The Slippery Weasel

    ( The Slippery Weasel (terrible translation, *Vilya'rana*, or Air Wanderer) is a elven skyskimmer scout vessel for the [[High-elf royal fleet | High-elf royal fleet]] of [[Tir Tingire Ost | Tir Tingire Ost]]. Built for speed. Light armour. Single …

  • High-elf royal fleet

    ( Fleet is such a big word. There would be a several scout ships, like the [[The Slippery Weasel | Vilya'rana]]. A small group of warships, like the [[Dagramrod]]. And the single carrier ship, [[Quelwenost]] )

  • Danni Du'Guyye

    ( Elven captain of the skyskimmer, [[The Slippery Weasel | The Slippery Weasel]] which is part of the [[High-elf royal fleet]] from [[Tir Tingire Ost | Tir Tingire Ost]] ) Pleasant person who loves to travel, but rarely willing to engage in dangerous …