Population: Around 12,000 (73% human, 8% hadozee, 12% halfling, 7% kobold)

Government: Oligarchy; currently ruled by House Crowclaw, House Wolfblass and House Farrar

Religion: Chiefly St. Cuthbert; some Kordites and Dragon Cultists. Not overly devout

Imports: Various

Exports: Metals, Adventurers

Baronsfell NPCs

Baronsfell is the name of both a city and an island, and is home to (most of) the crew of the Centennial Hawk.


Baronsfell is a city built on an island far too small for its populace, surviving on the efforts of the city’s clerics, an agricultural halfling underclass, and the intervention of the island’s druids.

The island is rich in deposits of coal, diamonds, and certain base metals, and has been extensively undermined since it was first established. Space concerns have led to the expansion and reuse of some of these underground chambers for housing and storage, easing pressure on the overcrowded surface. This has brought Baronsfell into contact with aggressive creatures dwelling in natural tunnels beneath the island.

History and Culture

Politics and Power

The island operates under the authority of the Cartel, a de facto council made up of the three most prominent mercantile houses on the island. Presently, the ruling houses are Crowclaw, Wolfblass and Farrar.

Daily life is influenced by a range of other factions. Most notable of these are the druids, who are instrumental in supplying the island with food, and the church of St Cuthbert, which enforces criminal law in the city.




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