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Chronicles of Raddoc: Post Men

…being tales of the crew of the unique airship, Centennial Hawk; a vessel of splendour and luxury, and thought to be gifted with an intelligence all her own. Of the crew of this ship, our chief interest rests with:

  • the Captain, Sabetha, subject of a Prophecy most curious;
  • the Pilot, Grimble, a Sorcerer wielding the highest Art of arcane fire;
  • the Sailing Master, Athanos, a Druid of considerable talent;
  • the Master of Arms, Sherry, a veteran mercenary and no stranger to violence and strong drink;
  • Neth, a tattooed Monk of a Water sect, sworn to seek vengeance for her Path; and
  • Roland, a scholar and practitioner of the Binder’s art. Roland also keeps notes about the journey Roland’s Notes

Also chronicled here are the Locations the Hawk and her crew have voyaged to; the Quest Log of the company; such Rumors as abound; Gods that influence the world; any new Magic discovered in this new world, and new Vestiges discovered.

The Captain’s summary of locations is seconded by my progressing cartograph. Will add a list of distances and directions between places on the locations page directly. Points will be given according to stellar not magnetic compass bearings.
Can we find a level seven cleric please cap’n? I SAID CAN WE…

Where do you propose to look, Mr. Leatherbrand? Under every stone left on the face of Urrth?

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