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l like aesthetics. I think they add something. So for the cameras and a gnomes vanity (which is quite a vanity) – here is what you see:
Magic missile; these vary from caster to caster I’m told. At any rate – Grimble’s are apple sized sparkling pink spheres which glitter as they fly.
Fireball; these are punctuated as much as anything by one-liners which are not quite as amusing as Grimble imagines “fireball in the hole!” is a standard. As Grimble mutters softly and traces his forefinger in a circular motion a bead of light grows in intensity. After about three seconds it is white hot and streaks suddenly to it’s target. Reaching critical mass and heat it sucks oxygen and quintessential energy into an eruption of flame fourty feet across with a dull Woof!
Fire orb; at this stage still the lesser version of the spell. Vastly useful due to it’s ability to penetrate some creatures’ natural magical resistance and also bypassing the ability some foes have of ducking out of the way of fireballs. Grimble has wondered on how this happens. The best he can explain it is that where his area spells tend to be magical fire – orb is using magic to conjur a very real object. A glowing orange globe appears hovering in front of the sorcerer. A final gesture sends it shooting at an opponent with great speed. Impact is not assured – and sometimes alas it dissipates harmlessly in the distance. But if it strikes – orb bursts in a shower of incandescent sparks eliciting a howl of shock from the hardiest of antagonists.


This one is fine for a record of what Grimble is/has been doing.

eolh andrewbeit

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