Very big dragony creature


Large dragon made out of rotting/burning wood. (Woodwrack dragon)

Powerful sorcerer.

Some psion levels.

Immortal essense of Air.


Remembers well before the cataclysm.

Younger brother of Narfillion and Armadagaz.

Seems to be interested in magic, especially magic devices.

Has informed the crew of the Centennial Hawk of several things. One being the Elves live in a floating city, two that chaos stones are causing problems and three that the fog blocks magic from detecting things.

Has taken off a scale and commanded Grimble Battersnap Leatherbrand XI to make it part of the ship. After a bit of discussion they have decided on the steering wheel.

Has commanded the crew to find out more about the ship and how it was built, he has given them 50 years to discover one true and important fact.


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