Centennial Hawk

The Centennial Hawk

[artifact named Olivius]

Colossal vehicle

Skyworthiness: +4
Shiphandling: +2
Speed: 60ft. (Good)
Overall AC: -3
Hull Sections: 100 (Fall 40)
Section HP: 100 (Hardness 7, AC 3)
Rigging Sections: 3
Section HP: 80 (Hardness 0, AC 1)
Ram: 5d6
Weapon Mounts: 2 light
Space: 100ft x 40ft
Height: 25ft (keel to main deck)
Watch: 2
Complement: 40
Cargo: 250 tons
Cost: Not for sale

Found underground.

Appears to be a passenger liner with wings added to the side and a place for the pilot put up front.

The ship is made of hardened wood reinforced with copper.

The wings are made of copper as well. The wings are like the fins of a fish with several large copper poles sticking out from each side with sheets of fabric in between.

The ship seems to be very resistant to fire and electricity [fire/electricity resistance 30].

Added after it was restored was two heavy ballistae (5d8 dmg, 19-20/x2 crit, 120’ increment, 1200’ max range, 2 actions to reload)

It has a 30 foot rope ladder on a winch.


  • the ship now has a ‘plot drive’. 1/week, the drive can be used to (probably) accelerate the plot by moving the crew through space (and time?).
  • cockpit force field against hostile intent for the crew.
  • forward viewing from the cockpit.
  • automatic feather fall [CL5]

The ship has a pair of golden gauntlets that remotely control these functions;

  • lowering and raising the frontward facing access ramp.
  • firing the ballistae
    • Scorching ray – 3/hour, +5 touch attack, 4d6 fire dmg, CL5].
    • Grappling hook – 200’ lines
  • (magic missile barrage [external, 3/hour, 3×2 missiles, CL5])
  • (call ship to location)

Crew upgrades:

  • Some lantern that means all crew must carry a copper coin or a telepathic ping [Alarm] goes off. [Captain’s Lantern, page 131 Stormwrack]
  • Speed increase (from 40ft to 60ft)
  • Everburning torches
  • Gangplank ability (Dimension door [CL7, 680ft], to/from the deck, 5/hour)

Centennial Hawk

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