The Drakespine Archipelago

Baronsfell – Home island of the original crew.
Chesterfield – Island close to Baronsfell, it was the first stop for the crew.

The Tarislonian Isles region

Drakesbridge – An island far to the west, original home of Isle of Blackwater immigrants. Now known as Tarislon.
Pulau Hijau – Small island south of Drakesbridge.
A persistent Chaos Storm near Palau Hijau.

Other Locations

Isle of Blackwater – Volanic island surrounded by black ichor.
Corinthians – large metropolis
Kapital – The once capital of the kingdom.
Misty Isle – Large floating rock with a pool. Last seen floating eastwards above Baronsfell.
Port Arthur
( Tir Tingire Ost – Travelling elven city. )
( The Marilith Arms – Adventurers Inn forever connected with the Chaos Stone. )
( The Black Castle – home the great vampire Lord Midcross. )


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