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Welcome back, adventurers.

May Luminar and Lunitari shine upon you.

Where are we again? Best get a cartographer and start making a map, as we travel in the World Up There, many rich and influential families wish to make their mark, again, this time without a meddling monarchy to snatch up the power.

The world of the Post Men

Post Men is set in a world recovering from a major disaster some 200 years ago.

The last group of hero’s failed to save the day and a great blue dragon-god tore up the world leaving only small patches of land. The seas rose and only those few town built up in the mountains were left for the survivors to cling to.

Even as things started to calm down again the world has had trouble moving on, a mysterious fog has drifted in between the islands which seems to warp and poison all who would sail through it. Knowledge has been lost with each generation and most places survive on the tools of their ancestors.

Yet on one little island called Baronsfell hope is found. Under the rubble is found a mysterious flying ship, the one and only of its kind. A crew is eventually put together and given the mission to set out and explore, to find other survivors and trade with them.

What can one ship do in the face of a dragon-god torn Urrth? Only time will tell.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Home Page

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